We are on a mission to re-imagine how people interact with their daily news feed.

Nice News launched in February 2022 as an email digest that could be read over a cup of coffee. It has since grown into a safe space to catch up on uplifting news that might otherwise be missed. Through these stories, we hope our readers can see the world through a more optimistic lens.

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Together, we can redefine what’s newsworthy.

How many good news outlets are you familiar with? This question drove us to create Nice News — the realization that there’s an ever-present need to cover uplifting content in a unifying way.

News doesn’t always have to be violence and crisis. It’s also noteworthy stories that have the potential to create widespread, positive impact: Things like scientific discoveries, environmental advancements, and people creating change to better our world. At Nice News, we want to bring these stories to the forefront so more people can see the good that occurs every day.

We believe some of the world’s biggest problems can be solved by simply shifting our collective outlook.

Nice Notes From Our Community

Just signed up for your daily emails last week, and I already feel an improvement in my quality of life. This is amazing what your outlet/company is doing, and feels like such a breath of fresh air. Kudos to the whole Nice News team — you are all truly creating a beautiful circulating energy that is beyond needed right now.

– nicole p.

I am glad to be able to listen to your uplifting emails. Being totally blind and having lost a daughter and wife as well, your stories are quite positive. Thanks!

– josel c.

I just wanted to thank you so much for Nice News. I have avoided the news all my life (I’m 66) because it just didn’t work for or suit me. However, with Nice News, I can practice embracing the wonderfulness of this earth and also feel informed/in the loop, rather than avoiding it. It provides a great and healthy perspective. 🙂

– nice news subscriber

It is sooooo refreshing! I find it’s my first read of the day with my coffee. Leaves me in an upbeat mood.

– nice news subscriber

Dear Nice News Team, Please keep up this uplifting news feed! Such a change from the usual news. Makes me remember that our world is a beautiful place. Thank you!

– lorraine c

I can’t imagine not waking up and enjoying Nice News. You make my world a better place.

– steve g.

I just want to say that I was in a bad depression last year and all of the usual bad news I saw on TV and online was making it worse. Since I signed up for Nice News I have been feeling a bit more positive each day. This Nice News changed my outlook on life and allowed me to reach back out to old friends and feel positive about the world. Thank you for offering it and I appreciate the daily reads so much!!

– nice news subscriber

I love this Newsletter!! Finally, we can read positive, encouraging, and energizing news. The world is full of wonderful acts of kindness.

– mary g.

I love Nice News — as it consistently cheers me in a world full of negative, sordid, and often inaccurate news! Bless all of you for the ingenuity and hard work you’ve done for all of us!

– royanne b.

I work in network news, 6:30 p.m. national broadcast, covering the war and politics. I was suggested this newsletter by my therapist. Just wanted to thank you for the boost of nice news every morning. It helps reframe my mind in a positive way before I have to endure whatever I am covering these days.

– nice news subscriber

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in creating and sending Nice News. It really makes my inbox brighter, happier, and more joyful. I always look forward to reading it. I am a teacher and often share stories from your emails with my students, too. THANK YOU! 💖

– nice news subscriber

I am so tired of hearing nothing but bad news. I know there are good things out there happening, but the press only dwells on the bad. I don’t know if they don’t care or don’t realize that it affects people mentally and physically. Positive makes positive, negative makes negative. Thanks for some good news.

– teresa b.

Thank you for being the only digital news I can read after the death of my Mom. The ensuing paperwork chase has me stressed. Cup of coffee and you help me start the day in a better frame of mind.

– nice news subscriber

I love all the stories! These are the most interesting, uplifting, informative, and fun articles I have ever read. I am looking forward to a new year of gaining new knowledge about things that really matter.

– trudy t.

As a writer, I love your nice news! They inspire me to write better and to connect with my readers at a nicer level! Keep up the good work!

– carla s.

I love Nice News! You present such interesting news items; news that is encouraging and positive in a world where violence and negativism pervades. Thank you so much.

– nice news subscriber

Thank you so much for putting together this newsletter. I’ve been waiting for one for many years. When I proposed a Nice News Channel to friends they thought I was joking and said it would never work – HA! This is the first news I read every day now. Keep it going!

– Diane M.

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