Move over, Miss Piggy: A new cast of characters from The Jim Henson Company is headed to television screens, and this time, they’re 2D and bearing a topical and optimistic message. Per a press release, the animated series, The Season Keepers, will invite young viewers to appreciate nature, with a goal of cultivating a sense of “climate hope” in future generations.

“At its heart, The Season Keepers is about the healing of a family and of the natural world around them,” said Halle Stanford, president of television for The Jim Henson Company. “And this series about climate hope is wrapped up in a luxurious whimsical world filled with magical and never-before-seen creatures.”

Inspired by Vivaldi’s famous “Four Seasons” violin concertos, the modern-day fairytale is being developed in collaboration with Paramount’s Ananey Studios. It follows twins Lia and Ben, who are whirling after their parents’ divorce only to find themselves in the midst of a fantastical battle between the seasons. 

Art by Bosmat Agayoff

When Lia realizes her power to act as peacemaker between humans and the magical “Nature Makers,” she must work fast to restore harmony before the world is plunged into an eternal winter. The “breathtaking journey will intertwine magic, adventure, and heart,” said Orly Atlas-Katz, CEO of Ananey Paramount.

The Season Keepers, which is aimed at children ages 6-12 and also explores themes of sibling bonds and mending family rifts, was created and designed by Bosmat Agayoff, a visual development and character artist known for her work in television and games. 


Craig Bartlett, a frequent Jim Henson Company collaborator — and the brains behind the beloved ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! — is attached as a writer. Lisa Henson, daughter of late Muppets creator Jim Henson and CEO of the company, and Stanford will executive-produce, along with Ananey’s Atlas-Katz, Gili Dolev (who will also direct), Hila Pachter, and Shirley Oran. 

“From the minute Hila, Gili, and Shirley shared with us Bosmat Agayoff’s gorgeous designs for her creation The Season Keepers, we knew this was the next fantasy world we wanted to explore at The Jim Henson Company,” said Stanford.