Nice News is celebrating two years of spreading positivity in the inbox. In that time, the newsletter has amassed a loyal following of more than 750,000 subscribers who are interested in the brighter side of news — a necessity in the current media landscape.

Research has shown that the prevalence of negative news can lead to adverse mental health effects and “mean world syndrome,” in which people perceive the world as more dangerous than it actually is. But counterbalancing that negativity with positive narratives can significantly mitigate those effects.

Contrary to what many might assume, there’s plenty of good news out there, and Nice News is committed to finding and sharing it in a digestible, daily email format. The morning digest and companion website are re-envisioning how society engages with news, sharing stories that inspire, connect, and empower, with a focus on bringing people together rather than creating divisions.

In honor of its two-year anniversary on March 3, Nice News launched a website revamp today, offering readers new sections like sports, technology, and lifestyle; a deeper look at the brand’s mission and origin story; and more features that will make it easier to navigate the countless positive stories that abound in the world today.

The newsletter also received a refresh, with new sections like global news, photo of the day, and daily product recommendations. The editorial team gathered together at a summit in January to ideate and discuss which content readers would connect to most for this evolution, taking past feedback from the Nice News community into consideration.

Founded by Sean Devlin, who also serves as general manager, Nice News is produced by a small but mighty crew of journalists who take great pride in sharing substantive, uplifting news that’s been meticulously researched and written. Natalie Stone is managing editor; Ally Mauch is associate editor, and Rebekah Brandes is assistant editor.

“We’re so proud of how far we’ve come over the past two years, and we’re only just getting started,” said Devlin. “Nice News is proof that people today need more optimism in their news diets. We believe that together we can start to redefine what’s considered newsworthy.”

More about Nice News: Nice News highlights important stories that are often overshadowed by negative and divisive headlines. The daily email series and website curate positive news with the hope that readers start viewing the world through a more optimistic lens. We send uplifting stories to subscribers’ inboxes each morning featuring tech innovations, advancements in health and wellness, environmental wins, acts of kindness, and more.