For kids, being told to “go to your room” can feel like the utmost punishment. As adults, on the other hand, getting the chance to unwind in our own space seems more like a well-deserved reward. Environments have the power to positively influence mental health, so ensuring our bedrooms are places that bring us joy can be an important step in increasing overall wellness

Scroll down for a list of products that add comfort, style, or convenience to the four walls we spend so much time in —  from art prints to furniture, greenery, electronics, and more. And once you’ve got your bedroom dialed in, check out these accessories to help you get better sleep.

Scroll down for a list of products that add comfort, style, or convenience to the four walls we spend so much time in —  from art prints to furniture, greenery, electronics, and more. And once you’ve got your bedroom dialed in, check out these accessories to help you get better sleep.

Tempaper Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Courtesy of Tempaper

Color can play a big role in boosting your mood, so consider swapping out white walls for a soothing hue or vibrant pattern. The beauty of peel and stick wallpaper is right in the name: It’s easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about dripping paint. Plus, it’s removable — a boon if you’re the type to grow tired of the view from your bed every few months.


Nathan James Midcentury Nightstand

Courtesy of Nathan James

In each piece of furniture Nathan James offers, three main values are reflected: quality, affordability, and ease of assembly. The Harper nightstand has solid wood legs and a sleek acacia veneer, and it can be paired quite nicely with these attractive brass swing wall lights

TerriTrophy Wedge Headboard Pillow

Courtesy of TerriTrophy

This overstuffed wedge headboard pillow is ideal for reading, watching movies, or, dare we say, snacking in bed. It provides support for your back and neck, comes in assorted colors and sizes, and even has a little side pocket to store your phone or glasses.

Easyplant Self-Watering Plant Collections

Courtesy of Easyplant

Every room is made better by adding a little greenery, and Easyplant takes the stress and guesswork out of being a plant parent. The self-watering ceramic pots feature uniquely designed reservoirs that only need to be filled once a month, and they come pre-potted. Need help choosing? These are some of the best houseplants for your health.

Society6 Art Prints

Courtesy of Society6

Art is an absolute necessity when it comes to making a house a home. Society6 offers prints from thousands of artists, photographers, illustrators, and designers, so you can find pieces that speak to you and help set the tone of your room. Choose from framed or unframed prints (click the link above), and be sure to check out the beautiful selection of wall tapestries as well.


Cashmere Boutique Throw Blanket

Courtesy of Cashmere Boutique

Cashmere is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. Because really, what’s the point of investing in a beautiful blanket if it doesn’t also feel incredible when it’s wrapped around you? These throws are 100% cashmere and were loomed in Nepal. They come in a variety of colors and measure 60 inches by 80 inches.

Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Courtesy of Amazon

The Echo Dot plays music, podcasts, and audiobooks with clear, vibrant sound quality, and it’s small and sleek enough to be an unobtrusive element in your decor. Plus, it’s equipped with Alexa, so you can control it with your voice and ask the virtual assistant for weather updates, answers to queries, and more (this feature can be disabled if you like). Get it in charcoal, deep sea blue, or white.

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Vanity Mirror

Courtesy of Anthropologie

With its floral adornments and elegant detailing, Anthropologie’s vintage-inspired mirror makes a gorgeous addition to your dresser or vanity. The Gleaming Primrose style is the brand’s bestselling, and the handcrafted pieces come in a variety of other sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp

Courtesy of Marycele

Candle warming lamps are a neat way to prolong the lives of your candles. Perfect for use with scented candles, they work by heating the wax via a heating bulb, so there’s no open flame or smoke. This one comes with a dimmer, a timer, and the ability to customize its height to fit different sized candles.

Giantex Geometric Bookcase

Courtesy of Giantex

If you’ve got a small space, a tall bookcase that maximizes storage while not taking up a ton of area can do wonders, and open shelves also help in making a room feel spacious. This six-tier, geometric style includes a bottom cabinet for stowing items out of sight, and it comes with anti-tipping devices to secure it to your wall.


Rossetta Projector With White Noise

Courtesy of Rossetta

The coolest feature of this device is that you can synchronize your music with the light displays, making the projection move along to the beat of the song you’re playing. So “Moonlight Sonata” could be drifting through your ears as you enjoy a representation of the northern lights dancing gently above your head. It can also be used as a white noise machine and night light.

Joydeco Blackout Curtains

Courtesy of Joydeco

Research has shown that even a little bit of light can disrupt slumber. So if you have a specific window of time to sleep, the last thing you need is the sun’s rays (as lovely as they are) waking you up before you’ve gotten your seven-to-nine hours. Blackout curtains ensure your room stays blanketed in darkness until you’re ready to rise and shine.

Axeman Picture Ledge Floating Shelves

Courtesy of Axeman

These charming floating shelves have ledges to keep your picture frames and plants in place. We love the way they look on the wall, and that they’re easy to install. Each shelf in the set of three is a different depth, and the sets are available in four colors and six lengths, from 16 to 72 inches.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Courtesy of Cozy Earth

Made from 100% premium bamboo viscose, Cozy Earth sheets pave the path to sweeter dreams. The temperature-regulating material gets softer with every wash, and a roomy fit with gentle draping adds to the comfy experience. Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.


MuseHomeInc Wood Under Bed Organizer

Courtesy of MuseHomeInc

Why does it always seem like no matter how well you organize your room, there’s never enough of just that — room? An under the bed organizer like this one enables you to make the most out of your space and all its storage capabilities. We like the solid teak wood style: It’s attractive enough to blend in with your decor, and it’s on wheels, so you can easily grab what you need when you need it.