Peaceful, playful, and an escape from the outside world, treehouses are perhaps the quintessential childhood happy place. They’re the stars of movies (The Sandlot, Without a Paddle, and Stand By Me, to name a few) and practically synonymous with imagination — something well worth cultivating at any age

If you’re looking for a nostalgic adventure, a remote hideaway, or an opportunity to connect with nature, keep scrolling for a list of unique tree-inspired places you can visit around the world. From a “treepod” in Thailand to a two-story cabin nestled in the English countryside, these spruced-up structures offer a bird’s eye view of lush surroundings and a delightful dose of child-like wonder. 

Treeful Treehouse | Japan

Situated in Nago City, Okinawa, the Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort opened in 2021 with a mission to “spread the importance of coexistence with nature.” From building around trees (and not cutting through them) to generating electricity from solar panels, Treeful offers guests a mindful home away from home that’s considerate of the environment, which only makes the stay more special. 

Surrounded by 360-degree jungle views, the hideaway offers two treehouses — AeroHouse and Spiral Treehouse — that both feature big windows, Japandi decor, and awe-inspiring panoramas. The cherry on top: The on-site sauna has a slide that goes into the Genka River, so you can cool off when you get hot. 


TreeHouse Point | Washington

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Nestled on four acres of forest along the Raging River, TreeHouse Point is a storybook-like hideaway in Issaquah, Washington (about 30 minutes from Seattle). Floating among the branches are seven tree houses — each with its own style and personality. For example, the Temple of the Blue Moon is inspired by the Parthenon, while the Trillium is an epic two-story treehouse with walls of windows. Then there’s the Ananda: the first-ever ADA-accessible commercial tree house, per the website. 

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Although the sweeping views and birdsong are the outside highlights, inside you’ll find cozy details ranging from reading chairs topped with soft blankets to stacks of books about treehouses — because the only thing better than staying in one of these treehouses is reading about them while you’re comfy and curled up. 

The Giant Chiangmai Mai | Thailand

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Situated up a mountain in Thailand, The Giant Chiangmai Mai is a cafe built alongside a big banyan tree. The eatery is constructed on platforms and features a wooden rope bridge, circular dining pods, and jaw-dropping panoramic views to admire as you sip your drink. 


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Feeling adventurous post-coffee? Visitors can go zip-lining from the cafe to a tree about 650 feet away, per the travel website TipTop Travel

Free Spirit Spheres | British Columbia

Providing guests with a nature-centered experience, Free Spirit Spheres are spherical treehouses in Vancouver Island, Canada, that resemble giant ornaments. Named Eryn, Luna, and Melody, the wooden spheres are suspended from trees by ropes and cables and offer stunning views of the surrounding forest. 

The inside of each is outfitted with a bed, dining nook, and speakers for guests to enjoy listening to music while taking in the view from the windows. As Tom Chudleigh, the builder of the spheres, told Animal Planet, “the magic’s in the forest.” 

Twin Farms | Vermont

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Designed with nature in mind, the treehouses at Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont, are chock-full of intentional details for soaking up the view of the forest, including massive windows and private decks. Hovering between 14 and 20 feet above ground, most of the treehouses are reached via a bridge — and outfitted with fireplaces, deep soaking tubs, and bespoke wooden elements. 

Per the website, the rooms will have guests “[conjuring] up childhood memories of adventure, companionship, and independence” while relaxing among the treetops.


Woodman’s Treehouse | United Kingdom

Tucked in the English countryside, The Woodman’s Treehouse is a blissful two-story retreat built in the branches of an ancient oak. The highlights of the luxurious amenities include a copper bathtub, an outdoor “tree shower,” and a sauna and hot tub on the upper deck that take scenic views to new heights. 

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And we’d be remiss to not mention the hammock, slide, and wood-fired pizza oven. The only problem is you may not want to leave — we sure wouldn’t. 

Treehotel | Sweden 

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Treehotel in Sweden offers a range of architecturally innovative rooms, like a treehouse inspired by a bird’s nest and another that resembles a UFO. We’re especially partial to the one dubbed Biosphere, which is made of 350 birdhouses that are meant to attract wildlife while providing guests an unforgettable stay. 

Treehotel Sweden
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 One of Treehotel’s other noteworthy projects is the Mirrorcube. Tucked in the trees, the unique  hideaway is made of mirrored walls that “seamlessly blend with the lush surroundings.” There’s also a “secret balcony,” allowing visitors to enjoy some fresh air and be fully immersed in the serene setting. 



Treepod Restaurant | Thailand

Boasting views of the coastline of Koh Kood, one of Thailand’s sparsely populated islands, the Soneva Kiri resort offers guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience in treepods. These egg-shaped nests are made from locally sourced bamboo and rattan and are hoisted by electric cables 36 feet in the air, per Atlas Obscura.  

As if this dining experience couldn’t get any more novel, the servers deliver patrons their food via zipline. No matter what’s on the menu, your meal is sure to be one for the books. 

Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses | New Zealand 

Located on a farm on the South Island of New Zealand, the five treehouses at the Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses deliver all the traditional hotel amenities in a playful yet peaceful retreat.​​​​ The luxurious structures are perched 30 feet or more above ground in the canopy of a native Kanuka grove, so visitors can hide away when they’re not taking advantage of the many adventures nearby, including mountain biking, surfing, and even olive-picking. 

Pinecone Treehouse | California

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This bucket list-worthy stay is a sight to behold: a tree house in the shape of a pinecone. Suspended 35 feet above ground, the quirky Pinecone Treehouse is located in Bonny Doon, California, about 75 miles from San Francisco in the Redwood Forest. While it’s not the most spacious treehouse on this list, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in uniqueness. 


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The structure features see-through ceiling and walls, so the barriers between inside and out begin to blur — and visitors can feel a renewed connection with nature as they gaze up, down, and all around. 

Arctic TreeHouse | Finland

At the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Lapland, Finland, cozy suites provide stellar glimpses of nature — notably the northern lights and midnight sun. Even sweeter, you can admire these sightings from your bed, thanks to panoramic views from the windows. 

To give a nod to the Nordic location, the suites are also adorned with Lapland-inspired touches, along with all the amenities you’d hope for, like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and an espresso machine to boot. 

andBeyond Ngala Treehouse | South Africa

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We don’t imagine there are many places in the world where you’re able to spend the night in a luxurious establishment located in the middle of a private game reserve. But that’s exactly what you get to experience at the &Beyond Ngala Treehouse in South Africa. Cocooned in greenery, this four-story structure isn’t built in a tree, but it gives you an elevated experience. The stunning retreat is equipped with a retractable awning and an upper deck for sweeping views of the surroundings. 

“Far from Wi-Fi and artificial light,” per the website, the Ngala treehouse is proudly off-the-grid, enabling visitors to soak up the natural setting and truly get away, sans screens. 


BONUS: A Treehouse With a Donkey | Unknown

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This is the only treehouse on the list that was built for a private owner and is not available to the public, but we couldn’t resist including it. Nestled in an umbrella pine tree, this fairytale cabin features a 65-step spiral staircase, a balcony, and delightful nooks for reading, birdwatching, and daydreaming. 

As for its name? The project’s moniker gives nod to a small, white donkey that hung around the workers while they constructed the idyllic cabin. Per La Cabane Perchee, the company that built the structure, the donkey “is still on guard.” You can explore more of their unique treehouses here

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