Sleep is as important for health as diet and exercise: It restores energy levels, improves brain function and mood, supports our immune systems and hormones, and plays an important role in many other processes

Based on the fact that we spend about a third of our lives horizontal, you’d think we’d all have it down to a science by now. But with the myriad distractions and stress that come with daily life, getting a good night’s sleep can be incredibly elusive. 

Thankfully, there are tons of ways to improve your sleep quality and duration. We put together a list of essential items to help you catch some shut eye, from bedding and pajamas to devices and accessories, including a smart humidifier, aromatherapeutic pillow mist, and a cozy bluetooth eye mask. 

Baloo Weighted Blanket

Courtesy of Baloo

Weighted blankets can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and provide an overall sense of calm, according to Penn Medicine. Baloo’s — available in a variety of weights, sizes, and colors — are perfect year-round, and Nice News’ Associate Editor Ally Mauch can personally attest to their comfiness and snuggle factor. 

Bedsure Electric Blanket

Courtesy of Bedsure

Whether you’re the constantly chilly type, or you share a bed with someone who wants to turn the AC on when you’re already freezing, Bedsure’s electric blanket will warm you right up. It comes in a wide array of colors, has six heating levels and four time settings, and includes a three-hour automatic shut off for peace of mind. 

Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Pillow 

Courtesy of Bluewave

This ultra slim pillow is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. Made with ventilated, open cell memory foam, its low height helps keep your spine aligned and combats the neck pain that bulkier and less supportive pillows can cause. The foam is infused with cooling gel so you don’t have to continually flip your pillow over to the colder side, and it comes with a washable cover. Side sleeper? Try this one

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Courtesy of Cozy Earth

This sheet set, made from 100% premium viscose from bamboo, paves the path to sweeter dreams thanks to a temperature-regulating material that gets softer with every wash. A roomy fit with gentle draping adds to the comfy experience. Each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Vekkia Bed Wedge Pillow

Courtesy of Vekkia

Sick of dropping your cell phone, book, or ear plugs in the gap between your mattress and headboard? Not only does this neat pillow solve that problem, it also has two side pockets for storing your phone or a tv remote while you’re sleeping. Available in five sizes to fit mattresses ranging from twin to California king, it’s made with quick recovery memory foam and comes with a washable cover. 

Aooshine Bedside Lamp with USB and AC Outlets

Courtesy of Aooshine

This convenient dimmable lamp allows you to plug up to four devices into it at a time, so you don’t have to reach all the way down to the floor or wall if you drop a cord or need to switch something out. Small and attractive, it comes in multiple shade and base combinations — this writer has the white shade and wood base model, and loves it. 

Marpac White Noise Machine

Courtesy of Marpac

First developed back in 1962 and subsequently dubbed “the original white noise machine,” this device can help dial back the chaos of your surroundings when peace and quiet are in short supply. Featuring fan-based natural white noise to help mask distracting background sounds, it has two speed options for adjustable tone and volume. 

Levoit Smart Cool Mist Humidifier

Courtesy of Levoit

The perfect night’s sleep is all about the proper sleep environment, and an overly dry room is not it. Once you determine and set your ideal humidity level, this device uses a smart sensor to detect changes and adjust automatically. Pro tip: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the 3-liter tank to up your relaxation quotient even more. 

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

Courtesy of Hatch

Starting the morning off on a good note is key to enjoying the rest of the day — and for us, a good note is not the high-pitched digital sound that so many phone alarms make. Hatch awakens you gently with a gradual sunrise alarm that features a slowly brightening light and nature-inspired sounds of your choosing. 

MusiCozy Sleep Headphones

This writer lists MusiCozy’s wireless sleep headphones as a can’t-live-without accessory, both at home and when traveling. They block out light and pair with Bluetooth devices to play music, audiobooks, podcasts, or anything else you listen to in order to fall asleep. Plus, they’re washable and — as the name suggests — quite cozy. 

Nidra Deep Rest Mask 

Courtesy of Nidra

We also love Nidra’s deep rest eye mask: It blacks out light so you can immerse yourself in total darkness, and it’s contoured to fit perfectly over your eyes and nose. Lightweight and sleek, the mask comes in five colors and the unobtrusive, adjustable strap makes it ideal for side sleepers. 


Cosabella Pajama Sets

Courtesy of Cosabella

Ready to bid farewell to that ratty old T-shirt and upgrade your bedtime attire? Cosabella makes stylish pajama sets in super soft pima cotton, and carries a wide assortment of colors and sizes, up to 3X. There are multiple style options, like long sleeves paired with boxer shorts, full-length sets, and sleep shirts. Check out their men’s collection as well. 

Rakle Bedside Water Carafe 

Courtesy of Rakle

Keeping a carafe by your bed makes it easy to stay hydrated and serves as a helpful reminder to drink water when you wake up. It also ensures you don’t have to fumble to the kitchen if you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night. We like this one because the cup acts as a lid when not in use. 

Loona Bedside Urinal

Courtesy of Boom Home Medical

Millions of Americans wake up multiple times a night to use the restroom, and if you’re one of them, you know how disruptive it can be to getting a good night’s sleep. An honorable mention in Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards, the Loona is a beautifully designed bedside urinal specifically for women. Bonus: It’s also a must-have camping accessory. 


Thisworks Pillow Spray

Courtesy of thisworks

This award-winning pillow spray is proven to help users fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed, and Managing Editor Natalie Stone can attest to its effectiveness. Simply mist it onto your pillowcase and bed linens at night and the aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetivert aids in calming your mind so you can drift off peacefully. Plus, the product is cruelty-free and formulated without GMOs, sulfates, petrolatum, phthalates, or synthetic colors. 

Byxas Hot Water Bottle With Cover

Courtesy of Byxas

Hot water bottles are great aids for cramps, sore muscles, and other pains, but they’re also great for keeping your extremities warm on chilly nights. This one comes with a cover you can tuck your hands into for ultimate coziness. It holds two liters of water and is also available in a pretty shade of pink. 

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