When Trevor Martin was growing up in Kentucky, he couldn’t participate in the same sort of rough-and-tumble activities that other kids could. Martin was born with bleeding disorder hemophilia A, meaning a small cut could turn into a big problem. So instead of taking up football, which was prominent in his small town, he began cultivating a passion for music. 

At just 8 years old, Martin sang his first solo for a crowd of a thousand at a local orchestra performance. He received a standing ovation — and realized at that moment he wanted to become a professional singer. 

He first picked up a guitar in middle school — in part to impress the girls, he admits — and eventually went on to study music in Nashville. Today, Martin is living out his childhood dream and serving as a role model for others with hemophilia at the same time.

Courtesy of Trevor Martin

The 27-year-old pop country artist has amassed over 375,000 followers across his Instagram and TikTok profiles, where he shares snippets of his music with fans. It’s important to him that he use his platform to promote positivity and motivate others to pursue their passions. 

“In a world where there’s a lot of negativity, I try to stay as positive as I can by writing songs about accepting people for who they are. That’s something I know many in the hemophilia A community can relate to,” Martin told Nice News. “I want to show others — in the hemophilia community and otherwise — that you can live a fulfilling life in spite of the adversity you may face.”


Hemophilia is an inherited disorder characterized by a lack of clotting factor proteins in the blood, meaning any physical injury may result in excessive and longer-than-usual bleeding, though bleeding can also occur in patients without any external trigger. The rare disease is much more common in males than females: The CDC estimates there are about 33,000 males living with it in the United States. 

Though Martin has been affected by the disorder his entire life, in the last few years he’s been able to manage it more effectively, thanks to a medication called Hemlibra that he can self-administer once a month.   


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“I used to treat my hemophilia with an IV infusion every other day,” he explained, “so now, with less time spent on administering treatment, I’ve had more time to focus on writing music, playing shows, and exploring other creative outlets.”

And that extra time seems to have paid off. In February, Martin put out a new song titled “Promise You That,” his most successful release to date. It embodies what much of his music — and his message — is all about: love. In fact, from a quick glance at his social media profiles, it’s clear the country singer is a hopeless romantic, and he envisions his latest tune being used as the soundtrack for marriage proposals and first dances. 


Some of Martin’s fans who also have chronic illnesses have reached out to the singer to share their experiences, but his connection with his followers isn’t limited to those who face the exact same struggles he does. 

“There have been fans who have shared their own stories and personal health challenges, whether that be mental or physical,” he shared. “I look to music as my way to connect with others and be a force of positivity in the world and I try to encourage them in their walk with their illness.”

Courtesy of Trevor Martin

Martin has big plans for the rest of 2024: He has shows lined up and plans to release another nine songs by the end of the year. And to him, his diagnosis isn’t just a part of his journey, but also part of why he’s been able to achieve his goals and make a difference in the lives of others. 

“In many ways, hemophilia has shaped who I am, and I hope that’s something that can inspire others with similar challenges,” he said. “I wouldn’t change anything about my experience living with hemophilia and it’s been meaningful to have something that can bring such a personal connection with my fans and listeners.”